Advantages of being a member of the Federation

With the creation of the Seniors and Foreigners Committee -headed by Francisco Cervilla- the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation wishes to improve the communication with our foreign golfers

Martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Among the new posts of the Board of Directors of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation –headed by its president, Angel de la Riva Gómez- stands out the naming of Francisco Cervilla Rodríguez (President of the Andalusian Seniors Golf Association) as President of the Seniors Committee and Chairman of the Foreign Golfers in the Federation.

With the creation of this committee, we are able to carryout one of the main goals of the electoral campaign and also to improve the communication with the foreign golfers that play in the golf courses of Andalusia. 

A lot of people ask themselves where do the 74,60 Euros that each player pays annually go? Well, 50 per cent is for the Royal Spanish  Golf  Federation and the other 50 per cent is set aside for the regional Federation.  In this first letter, we are going to explain the advantages of being under the Federation. After the summer, we wish to start publishing some specific and periodic communications in English, in order to integrate the foreign golfers in the Federation.

Advantages of being under the Federation:

1. The license – which is mandatory to be able to play golf in Spain - includes an accident and public liability insurance, tailored for our sport and required by law.

2. Being under the Federation allows to play golf in all of federated golf courses. Andalusia is the Spanish territory with the highest number of golf courses under the Federation, with a total of  93 courses and 100 possible round combinations.

3. The federated players can also participate in official tournaments  organized by the different golf courses such as the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation. Each year the Federation offers a varied competition schedule  with more than 100 different tournaments  for each different category of players.

4. In addition, the Federation processes the sport’s activity of each player, as well as the tournaments that he has played, and manages the increase or reduction of handicaps in order to keep it always updated. It is the only way to have fair play at golf.

5. In case the player qualifies according to the ranking category, the golfer could ask for a grant or assistance from the Federation to attend to some competitions.

6. The Royal Andalusian Golf Federation is a non-profit organization, whose only purpose  is to promote and develop the sport of golf.  Thus, the revenues that it generates from licensing are returned to the players of the Federation through the different committees in each specific area that they represent:

a. Infant and Youth Amateurs Committee

b. Ladies Amateur Committee

c. Men’s Committee

d. Seniors and Foreigners Committee

e. Proffesional’s Committee

f. Rules Committee

g. Courses and Handicaps Committee

h. Comercial Committee of Golf Courses

i. Promotion Committee

j. Pitch and Putt Committee

k. Adapted Golf Committee


- Senior International Championship of Andalusia (Male and Female): 28 and 29/06/2014, La Cañada

- Senior Golf Circuit of Andalusia: 07/07/2014, Parador de Málaga

- Senior Golf Circuit of Andalusia: 13/09/2014, El Rompido

- Senior Golf Circuit of Andalusia: 04/10/2014, Córdoba

- Senior Golf Circuit of Andalusia (FINAL): 08/11/2014, Mijas Golf

Advantages of being a member of the Federation